Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • Adult-size Blue Light Blocking glasses
  • Wearing these can help limit eyes from exposure to blue light (mostly found in technology items such as phones, tablets and computers) which can cause strain to the human eye
  • The wavelength of blue light can be harmful to the retina (generally discomfort) and can even affect sleep
  • Product Size: 5.7" w x 2" h x 6" d
  • ABS plastic frames and Polycarbonate lenses
100$3.43 As low as $2.92 each
300$3.2 As low as $2.72 each
600$2.97 As low as $2.52 each
1200$2.74 As low as $2.33 each
2600$2.52 As low as $2.14 each
Lenses feature ultraviolet protection level UV400 (100% UV)

Product Size
6 L x 5.7 W x 0.0429 H

0.0807 LB