Stylus Pen 2 in 1

100$2.117 As low as $1.80 each
250$1.183 As low as $1.01 each
500$1.017 As low as $0.86 each
1000$0.933 As low as $0.79 each
2500$0.75 As low as $0.64 each
5000$0.7 As low as $0.60 each
The is a 2 in 1 Retractable Stylus Ballpoint Pens, available in your choice of black or blue medium ballpoint ink. All with rubberized soft touch finish plus a stylus that's perfect for touchscreens. This is perfect to give out to students or professionals so they can take down important notes. Choose from a variety of rubberized soft touch product colors to showcase your company name, logo or advertising information.
Additional Information
They'll love the feel of this custom stylus pen!