5D Puzzles 6" x 4"

  • Cutting edge 5D printing technology
  • Flat image gives the illusion of depth and movement when viewed at different angles
  • Photo quality foreground image with a step and repeat icon or pattern in the background
  • Simple 6 piece design entertains people of all ages
  • Fun for parties, corporate meetings, festivals, souvenirs and more
185$7.17 $6.09 each
370$6.83 $5.81 each
555$6.38 $5.42 each
740$6.04 $5.13 each
$50.00 each
Puzzles are great as a marketing tool due to the level of engagement required from the user. When combined with the innovative 5D technology, this puzzle creates instant brand recognition and a built-in appeal. The image provides the illusion of depth and movement when viewed from different angles, drawing more attention to your brand. The 6-piece design is fun for all ages.

***Only sold in lots of 185 pieces***

Product Size
6" X 4"

Additional Information
Decoration Method: 5D Print

Packaging: Bulk