Child Resistant Joint / Edible Hinged Tin Box

  • Airtight lid keeps contents fresh and smells contained
  • Security provided by smart 2-button closing mechanism to keep children out
  • Measures 4.72"w x 2.43"d & .56”h
  • Available in black or white with a 1-color direct print or full color decal
  • Great for dispensaries, smoke shops and cannabis specialty stores
150$5.5 $4.68 each
250$5.4 $4.59 each
500$5.35 $4.55 each
1000$5.25 $4.46 each
An amazing hinged-lid joint box with so many benefits. The closure is airtight to keep contents fresh and smells contained. The reusable tin keeps your branding visible long after the contents have been smoked. The tin is recyclable and sustainable. Security is provided through a smart two-button closing mechanism to keep children out. Superb item for smoke shops, dispensaries, medicinal facilities, and more.

Product Size
4.72"w x 2.43"d & .56”h