Whammo 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker

50$9.88 $8.40 each
150$9.41 $8.00 each
250$8.94 $7.60 each
375$8.46 $7.19 each
500$7.99 $6.79 each
The Whammo 2.0 Bluetooth® Speaker packs quality sound into a compact size. The battery lasts up to four hours at max volume, and it can be fully charged in three hours. The built-in microphone and music controls lets you make or receive calls while controlling the audio. The Bluetooth® working range is 10 meters (33 feet). Includes Type-C charging cable. Three-watt speaker output. Giftbox and manual are made from FSC®-certified material.

Additional decoration charges may apply.

Product Size
1.34 L x 3.60 W x 3.60 H

0.31 LB

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