Ad Cubes™ - Memo Notes - 2.75x2.75x2.75-3 Colors, 1 Side Design

100$8.5 $7.23 each
250$7.5 $6.38 each
500$6.7 $5.70 each
1000$6.5 $5.52 each
These practical desktop products are long lasting and effective marketing tools. Non-Adhesive Ad Cubes™ will be used every day and remembered long after they are gone.

Cube pricing includes 3 standard colors screen printed SPOT and 1 side design. Sheet imprints available on orders of 250 or more.

Other available options include:

* Pencil hole for $0.15(G)

Individual shrink-wrapping included in base price.

*Actual finished size of the cube may vary due to the manufacturing process.

Product Size
2.75 in. x 2.75 in. x 2.75 in.

23 lbs per 32 cubes

Country of Manufacture
United States