Tile Starter Pack - Bluetooth item finders

  • Two Tile Bluetooth item finders to help keep track of more for less
  • Contains 1 Tile Mate and 1 Tile Slim
  • Ring your Tile using the free app or double press the Tile to ring your phone
  • Free app compatible with iOS and Android
  • Print full colour front and back
25$67.853 As low as $57.68 each
50$65.4 As low as $55.59 each
100$63.053 As low as $53.60 each
250$59.6 As low as $50.66 each
500$52.187 As low as $44.36 each
1000$51.267 As low as $43.58 each
2500$50.667 As low as $43.07 each
5000$50.307 As low as $42.76 each
10000$50.053 As low as $42.55 each
1 Tile Mate and 1 Tile Slim, the Bluetooth trackers that help keep track of more for less.
The world's best-selling Bluetooth tracker, attach Mate to keys, backpacks & bags. Slim is a thin tracker, about the size of a credit card and fits perfectly in your wallet or purse. Our high-performance finders have a 3 year battery and are water resistant.
Use the free app (which works with both Apple and Android) to ring your Tile within 250 feet. If the Bluetooth range is too short, use the app to view its most recent location. If you've lost your phone, double tap the button on the Tile and your phone will ring.
Your logo can be printed up to full color front and back, or you can choose to print full canvas across the whole Tile. Add a custom sleeve or fully custom packaging for maximum impact.

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Tile Starter Pack (Mate & Slim) - Bluetooth tracker item finders. Full color logo print & custom packaging available.