2oz. Full Color DigiBag™ with M&M's

500$3.12 $2.65 each
1000$2.97 $2.52 each
2500$2.88 $2.45 each
5000$2.8 $2.38 each
Once your clients get a bite of the chocolate coated candy that's inside of this 2 oz. full color DigiBag™ they won't be able to stop until it's all gone! They'll keep this 5” x 4” bag handy while they continue to reach in a grab a bite, giving your brand ample time to make impressions with other people in the area. With all the promotional possibilities, this is a very smart, non-intrusive way of advertising your business that works! Give it a chance and enhance your reach!

Product Size
5" x 4"