DOUGLAS Felt Cord Organizer

10 $13.93 each
25 $12.88 each
50 $12.35 each
100 $11.83 each
250 $11.30 each
$45.00 each

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# TDOUGLAS - DOUGLAS Felt Cord Organizer

Keep your power cord close, and the Douglas cord organizer closer. Because when your devices need to be charged, those devices need to be charged right now. Otherwise, people suffer the power loss rage equivalent of late lunchtime hanger. With the Douglas, skip the task of untangling copper and cable. Instead, fetch the desired cord, plug in your device, and wallah! You’re back in business. Our felt is sustainably produced from recycled plastic bottles. Thus, it’s a feel-good item too. Choose from a variety of leather colors and logo customization options to speak to your brand.

Product Size
7.375" W x 4.25" H

Country of Manufacture
United States

Additional Information

Imprint Area: 3.5" x 3"