Leather Cash Envelope Wallet
#AC0014 AC0014

  • Handmade pouch
1$36.4 $30.94 each
100$32.5 $27.63 each
200$31.52 $26.79 each
500$28.49 $24.22 each
1000$26.99 $22.94 each
2000$23.27 $19.78 each
This simple and classic envelope-style leather wallet was designed to be an upscale option for those managing their finances with the Envelope Budgeting System. It's sized perfectly to hold cash, coupons, and receipts associated with your spend category, but checkbooks, cards, and coins also fit nicely inside. Like many of our other products, we've crafted this cash pouch with enough versatility to suit a wide range of uses. Made in the USA.

Product Size
8.25" x 3.5" x 1"

Country of Manufacture
United States