Child Resistant Joint / Edible Hinged Tin Box With See Through Window

  • Secure 2-button closure mechanism keeps children out
  • Eco-friendly tin is recyclable, reusable and sustainable
  • Cannabis joint tin measures 4.72"w x 2.43"d & .56”h
  • Available in black or white with a 1-color direct print or full color decal
  • Great for dispensaries, smoke shops and cannabis specialty stores
150$5.78 $4.91 each
250$5.67 $4.82 each
500$5.62 $4.78 each
1000$5.51 $4.68 each
This large tin box is a great solution for edibles and pre-rolls. Its sturdy design and airtight construction keeps the product fresh and scents inside, with a see-through window to view your stash. A clever 2-button closure mechanism keeps children out. Think green – the tin is recyclable, reusable, and sustainable, so it is the perfect eco-friendly container for smokers. This tin delivers excellent branding for dispensaries, smoke shops, medicinal facilities, and more.

Product Size
4.72"w x 2.43"d & 0.56”h